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In the south-east of Azerbaijan with its capital Lankaran (Lenkaran), Talish is a land of sharp contrasts, ranging from the high forested mountains to the subtropical coastal land along the Caspian Sea.
Geographically and ethnically, this region is the extension of the Talish (Talesh) in the Iranian province of Gilan. It occupies a long strip of territory along the Caspian coast, between the cities of Astara and Rasht.

Quba (Guba, Kuba)

A pleasant town in greater Caucasus dominated by a 16th century fortress and architectural landmarks. An ancient Zoroastrian temple dating back to the 9th century is preserved in the Khanaligh village in a Quba suburb. The picturesque forest area west of Quba is a popular retreat from the city, where camping grounds offer tents and stilt-supported tree houses in a natural setting.


Kudyal-Chay is a river flowing through the scenic gorges of the north-eastern part of the Caucasian mountains in the north of Azerbaijan, close to the Daghestan border in Russia.
The right bank of the river where Quba is situated is the center of a highly fertile agricultural area and is famous for its numerous apple orchards.
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