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 Photo collections and video of Iranian section of Caspian Sea Region
Northern Tehran Tehran Center Tehran Surrounding Alborz-Mountains Kelardasht-Savad Kuh Alborz-Alamut Gilan Mazandaran
Video clip of Iranian Caspian Sea section in northern Iran
Talesh-Sarein Baku at Night Baku City Center Baku Old City Baku Monuments Kuba-Talesh Contributed Photos France Photos
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The area between Karaj and Gachsar at the foothills of the Alborz mountains is one of the most popular getaways retreats of Tehran. Besides numerous summer resorts on the banks of the Karaj river, the area is also home to Tehran's most favorite ski resort of Dizin close to the village of Gachsar with facilities for downhill skiing as well as Grass-Ski.
Karaj, Gachsar village in Karaj-Chalus highway picture Photo of Gachsar village close Karaj-Chalus highway Gachsar village close to Karaj-Chalus highway image Photos of Karaj Gachsar village in Iran
A road side restaurant in Karaj-Chalus highway Karaj river Photo An orchard garden in Karaj Photos from Karaj-Chalus highway in Iran

Karaj Suburban Metro Station

Located in Shahid Soltani Square the Karaj Station is a major stop in the Tehran-Karaj-Mehrshar Express line, also referred to as line 5. This 41 km commuter surface line serves 11 stations and connects to the East-West line (Blue line) of the Tehran's underground metro system at Sadeghieh Station near Azadi Square.
Karaj suburban train station picture Karaj suburban train station photo Karaj suburban train station Iran, Karaj metro station photos
Karaj metro station picture Karaj metro station photo Karaj metro station image Iran, Karaj subsuburban train station photos

Karaj and Shahr-e Ray

A major city in Tehran province, Karaj is located 40 km west of Tehran in the foothills of Alborz mountains. In addition to its pleasant climate, it is a crossroad city to the north and northwestern part of the country.

Shahr-e Ray is a historical town south of Tehran with the traditional fabric of an untouched Islamic city. It is home to the mausoleum of the Emamzadeh Shah-e Abdol-Azim, the main reason to visit.

Sunset over Zur-Abad in Karaj Zur-Abad in Karaj A Tunnel in Karaj-Chalous highway Photos from Karaj in Iran
City of Ray new baazar in south of Tehran Shops in Ray new baazar, south of Tehran Photos of Ray city in Iran


Located about 120 km south of Tehran, it is the capital of the newly created province also called Qom. It has a long history of religious activities going back to the Sassanoid dynasty. It is home to the Shrine of the Fatima the pure, a 9th century Shia Muslim saint, thus an important pilgrimage center. Since the 1979 Islamic revolution it has also become the center for political activities.
The traditional wholesale produce market in city of Qom the traditional wholesale produce market (Meidan) in Qom The traditional wholesale produce market in Qom Photos of Qom in Iran
Watermelons for sale in Qom produce market Vegetables for sale in the Qom produce market Vegetables for sale in Qom produce market Pictures of wholesale produce market in Qom in Iran
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